Quick Guide – Step-by-Step

  1. Registration
    To get started, you might use the registration form. Immediately you should find an email from Visual-Widget in your inbox including your password for the login. If it’s still missing after some minutes, please check your junk filter or contact us at info(at)visual-widget(dot)com.
    The registration is for free, of course.
  2. Login
    Login with your E-Mail address and password to access the control panel and widget builder.
  3. Setup, API
    As a simple solution, we provide some open source APIs which can easily be copied to your shop. Using one of these APIs saves you from programming or writing your own script for your website.
    Save the script that belongs to your shop and upload (FTP) it in the shop’s root directory to be accessable e.g. at http://www.your-shop.com/visual-widget.php
    Watch/Download the API script for …

    If you prefer to use another filename, save the URL in the Control Panel -> Settings -> Source, e.g. http://www.your-shop.com/another-name4visual-widget.php
    If no specific source input is given, we will try to catch the data from http://www.your-shop.com/visual-widget.php by default.
    Developers are cordially invited to add support to further shops, CMS, blogs and other web software. We will publish further Open Source APIs for visual widgets soon.

  4. Widget Builder
    Now click the button “Open the builder” in your control panel and choose your widget.
    By default you will use HTML as format.
    If you want to perform an automated (product) search, let us know the Search Term (optional) at this form.
    Note: For restricting products of categoryID 123, just use the search term %123 here.
    Note: Experts can connect an alternative data source (optional) which is formatted like the sample XML.
    Click Build and watch the preview. Above the preview, you can find the source code that you can … (5)
  5. Copy and Paste
    E.g. you can copy the widget source into your HTML page, blog post, shop template or embed the visual widget whereever you want.

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