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5 Responses to “Carousel Widget”

  1. Mark - BighMouthMedia says:

    looking forward to final version release. within the whitelabel service, we’d ask for a clone of that carousel with some branding modification. same speed and performance will be great. just waiting

  2. Mark - BigMouthMedia says:

    that’s right, the same with us. going to book the whitelabel widgets as soon as beta ends.

  3. Mix Marketing Estrat├ęgico says:

    never seen great work for free. we are using a similar one like this in our affiliates ad formats. if the service was opened earlier, we’d have saved a lot of time and money!

  4. William Mobley says:

    Hey, Is there a chance to get a reflection for the carousel pictures? I’d love it!

    • Visual Widget says:

      Hello William,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We merged it with the reflected carousel. I.e. reflection is now on.

      Enjoy the view.
      Kind regards

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